bookOnce upon a time we had a wondering … was partnership benefitting other women in the same ways it benefitted us? We reached out to 125 female co-leaders to learn that it was. This week the book that came from this idea takes one big step forward: we’re headed to the office of our publisher, Berrett Koehler for “Author Day.” This full day series of meetings focuses on all aspects of the book from marketing to editing — and in the center of it all is a lunch meeting where we get to present the big ideas of our book in 40 minutes to a room full of editors, marketers, executives, artists and friends.

Are we nervous? You bet! But more than that, we’re so grateful that what began as an idea and all the stories that have helped it grow is now in the hands of a publisher who cares enough to fly two not so famous women across the US for a day of making sure that this book to be — a book that we hope spreads the word that partnership is a doable, viable way of work for women that’s been buried under the radar too long — is packaged, marketed and put out into the hands of women ready for a better way.

Wish us luck at Author Day — we’ll keep you posted.