Maggie and I have been talking about blogs. We need to write more, we tell each other. At a marketing workshop sponsored by our publisher, the message is clear: blogs are the thing for people with ideas. We have ideas, lots of them. And we are brimming over with energy for the promise of our new revived blog.

We dive in. We write. She writes. I write. We edit each other’s posts. We rewrite. We post. We congratulate ourselves – it sure is  good to have that done — onto the next blog!

But the next blog post takes longer to write. And the next one takes even longer. Thinking, Revising,Polishing – it all takes time. Distractions – from pressing client deadlines to the dog that must be walked to the lure of the latest headline – oh, those headlines—are constant.

But still we hold onto the promise of the blog as a way to get our ideas out and into the world. We are both eager to ignite conversations but are wary of the laboriousness we’ve injected in the process.

But what if, we wonder, it doesn’t have to take this long to write a blog post? What if we just write? What if we spend less time tweaking and more time doing exactly what it is that excites us about blogging in the first place? What if we stop editing and go ahead and  post the honest, candid, raw ideas that come to us– as they come to us?

Terrifying? Freeing? Both.

But I am doing it. Right now. This very post is a toe in the water of the less than edited. And as I take this plunge, I realize that this commitment to raw writing  really is not just about blogging. It’s  about getting past the pursuit of the energy-sapping and fruitless pursuit of perfection. Sure, there are many things we write, I write, you write that must go through the revision wringer to be approved on some standard of perfection.  But maybe with the freedom to just say it, this blog will come easier. Consider this a pilot and a short one at that since a client deadline just popped up in my inbox and the dog is ready for a walk.