rochellegraphicFirst, Rochelle Melander interviewed us for her Write Now blog (see below). Then we discovered that not only is Rochelle an author, she’s a partner, too. With a double header like this, you can certainly see why we felt compelled to feature her in today’s post.

Partnership rocks for Rochelle Melander, author, coach and founder of Writers@Work — and she should know!  She’s co-authored 8 books – 7 with her husband,  1 with a friend and she frequently collaborates with partners on coaching projects.

Rochelle shared: “I’m a certified professional coach, specializing in writing coaching, and the author of more than ten books. (My most recent book is Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It).) Seven of those books I wrote with my husband, Harold Eppley. One of those books I wrote with a friend, Susan Lang. My husband and I have also collaborated on articles, short stories, and educational materials. Throughout my career, I’ve also collaborated with partners on coaching, teaching and workshop leading. When I coach writers, I like to work with groups—because it brings the sense of partnership to the process. Working with partners has benefited every project I’ve worked on.  In addition, it offsets so many of the challenges of big writing projects: work load, writing blocks, loneliness, and more.”

We couldn’t agree more about the energizing and motivating powers of partnership. Partnership has allowed Rochelle the same stretch and far-reaching impact that it has allowed us. Take a look at her long list of published titles, and her coaching services, as well as her beautiful community writing initiative, Dream Keepers.

dreamkeepersWe hope you’ll enjoy our Write Now! interview here and please stay tuned on Rochelle’s site for more business-book author discussions. Visit  Twitter and Facebook to learn more about Rochelle.


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