Betsy and I recently wrapped up a 7 month project with a client — a board of volunteers with very busy day jobs.  Knowing how much their stakeholders relied on them, they wanted to re-imagine the way they worked together to be more organized, clearer in their vision and more focused in the actions they take to bring the vision to life. They also wanted to hold each other accountable. 

I imagine we’ve all had experiences where we’ve been on a team that didn’t quite meet the mark — that allowed ineffective dynamics to affect productivity. Kudos to anyone who decides to work on it and knows it can be better!

That’s what this group did. They dove in. Betsy and I facilitated them through a strategic planning process where their vision took root and grew.

Once their vision was clear, they turned to action planning. We encouraged them to keep it simple and they identified 3 goals to mobilize their efforts.  For each goal they identified actions that would have an impact and were manageable. Here’s a sample of the grid we helped them develop:

   Action Who is Responsible? When Resources Needed  What does success looks like? 


At our follow up meeting last week we added another column to the grid : Status update.

The board agreed to make the action plan a living document and use it to keep them focused at their meetings, determine who’s going to do what and gauge their progress toward their goals.

Though our official work is over, we will continue to check in with them periodically to hear how the implementation is going, what’s getting in the way and troubleshoot any bumps in the road. We’re now invested in their success and want to see all the hard work pay off.

                                                                                                                                                                          –          Maggie