Build strong, healthy teams

We’ll take your team to the next level by critically assessing its strengths, opportunities and potential pitfalls – then we will tailor design a process in which we’ll partner with you to identify meaningful ground rules for how you want to work together, set a team building vision and goals, clarify roles and responsibilities and figure out how to put conflict to work for your team.  The result is a more highly effective team that works better together to achieve goals.

Develop effective, confident leaders

As coaches, we help leaders lead better by listening intently, reflecting back what we hear, identifying performance patterns and providing the resources needed to cultivate strengths and remove stumbling blocks. As a result, leaders see themselves clearly and are more confidently able to align their core values, leverage their strengths and claim their priorities.

Coach partners to work together better

We wrote the book on partnership. That’s why when we coach co-entrepreneurs, job sharers, teammates, leaders or colleagues, we know just how to help them align their skills and productively work together to achieve their shared definition of success.

Engage employees and leaders in dynamic change processes

Whether it’s bringing together internal employees to boost morale and reignite missions or inviting external stakeholders in to imagine the future of an organization or system, The Mulberry Partners will make sure your team building engagement is meaningful, purposeful and, yes, fun.

Strengthen cultures

Cultures change over time. The choice is whether to allow the change to happen on its own or to intentionally cultivate a strength-based environment. We work with teams, organizations and systems that opt for intentional, positive change. We accomplish this by developing strategic, actionable roadmaps and guiding all stakeholders along the path to healthy, productive, supportive and effective cultures.


We recognize that every client and every need is different. That’s why our approach is always hand crafted and never an off the shelf solution. We draw on our decades of experience to tailor engagements to meet your needs and accomplish your goals.

Yet no matter what the scope or shape of the project, you can count on an approach that is:


Engage us and we’ll help you develop core values that are more than just nice statements but are visible cornerstones of the work you do every day. Infusing values with work is a priority that we carry out in the outcomes we achieve for clients and the expectations we hold for ourselves.

Strengths Based

The first thing we will do is figure out what’s working and start building from there – we believe in starting with a solid foundation versus tearing down and starting from scratch.

Results Driven

Sometimes results are large, sometimes small and they all matter. Our work achieves and tracks results throughout the team building process rather than at the end as a big reveal.

Coaching Centered

We are coaches who make people the priority – because when people know how to work together, cultures are stronger and work is more productive.


We save time by focusing on what can work and why rather than getting caught up in examining what won’t.


Our approach draws on essential tools and exercises that we’ve developed and honed since 2003 when Mulberry launched. When you work with us, you will have access to the successes we’ve gleaned from over 300 projects and the creativity we’ve cultivated along the way.