Once upon a time, in the midst of a crowded Washington, DC metro station, while awaiting an overdue train, I sat on a grungy floor and began mapping out the business of my dreams. At the time, I was a consultant for a small but busy firm where I liked the people and the projects but was hungry for the chance to feel real passion for what I was doing.

The business I created on paper was the stuff of my wildest fantasies: led by a trusted partner and me, it would provide meaningful,satisfying projects that allowed room for creativity, financial rewards, professional growth and the flexibility needed to focus on life beyond work.

Flash forward: Today I co-lead Mulberry Tree Consulting, a strategic planning/leadership development facilitation practice with a trusted partner and dear friend. After 7 years of building MTC together, Maggie and I have experienced the ups and downs of leading a business together.What’s remained constant is our friendship and the passion we both feel for the work we get to do together.

Everything in my fantasy job description, created so long ago in a metro station, has come true — now, that’s something to feel passionate (and very grateful) about!


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