It started simple. When it hit us that our website had been created before the days of SEO, we knew it was time to build a new platform so people could find us. Just a tweak, an easy fix, right?

Then we took a good long hard look at our website and realized we’d outgrown it. It didn’t reflect the kinds of consultants we’d become and the kinds of results we achieve. Truth was we needed a brand new website, one that made our work crystal clear.

But figuring that out and boiling it down to website worthy-copy wasn’t easy, at all. It took many conversations between us and with our friend and marketing guru, Sue Egnoto who helped us clarify just what it was we did well and then helped us put it all in concrete language.

It was hard. Really hard. And it was made harder by the fact we felt like after 7 years of working together and building our company we thought it should be easy.

What we realized was when you’re up to your elbows in doing the work, you’re too close for that kind of self-description. Sure, we could talk about our work – but boiling it down to what really mattered was a whole other thing.

After hours spent thinking and talking with Sue, with each other and with our clients, the common denominators of our work became clearer — we build trust, increase communication, Increase collaboration, unleash ideas for community-minded leaders, educators, health leaders like you.

Of course, as anyone who has ever redecorated anything knows: Fix the kitchen and the living room begins to look drab. The more digging we did, the clearer it became that we’d outgrown more than our website … we’d also outgrown our name.

Here we were helping our clients collaborate via strategic planning, culture change, leadership development, team building, coaching. Here we were writing a book about the benefits partners get from working together. And nothing in our name reflected collaboration or partnership.

So, after months of brainstorming names, dreaming of names, calling each other at odd hours with new names, the most obvious, most perfect name of all finally hit us: Mulberry Partners.

Here we are 18 months later. What started with one small change has led us to a new logo, a new look, a new website and a brand new name. What’s even more important – we’ve gained a clearer sense of who we are and the results we can help you achieve. Yeh, it was painful, sometimes. Important processes usually are.

And it was worth it. We hope you feel the same.

– Betsy and Maggie