Since 2003, coaches and consultants at The Mulberry Partners have been leading dynamic, forward-focused processes that inspire leaders, teams, organizations and systems to achieve goals, fulfill core values, realize visions and positively change cultures. Our track record for success in Executive and Leadership Coaching and Consulting is long and our experience is vast. If you, your team, organization or system are ready for a better way, contact us. We look forward to partnering with you!


We are the Partnership People and the way we see it working together isn’t just nice, it’s critical to success.


Coaches, consultants and speakers who…

Build Teams

By bringing out the best skills in all members and engaging them in fulfilling the team’s mission and achieving its vision

Engage Employees & Stakeholders

In ways that involve and inspire them to participate in reaching organizational goals

Develop Leaders

By cultivating strategies that build on successes and address obstacles so that leaders are able to accomplish results with confidence and clarity

Strengthen Cultures

For the better so they are more collaborative and mobilized to cultivate ideas that lead to strategic actions

Coach Partners

To clarify roles and leverage complementary skills that fuel work together toward a shared purpose




Drawing on the authors’ partnership that started in a tenth grade English class and featuring interviews with hundreds of women business partners, Betsy and Maggie’s award winning book shows that when women team up – combining complementary skills, channeling their egos into the partnership, and encouraging each other – they can work as equitable equals to achieve something that’s exponentially greater than what anyone can reach alone. In the process, they discover an unprecedented level of support, flexibility, confidence, accountability, and freedom to be themselves that they rarely find in other work relationships.
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